The Ministry of Science and Innovation has awarded a research project (2021 call) to the GEAS Research Group, in the 2021 call for Knowledge Generation Projects, in its Oriented Research modality (type B) .

The awarded project (PID2021-123203OB-I00) has the title: Individual particle labeling: new analysis strategies for the detection of (bio)particles, and has as principal investigators Dr. Francisco Laborda and Dr. Eduardo Bolea, both belonging to the GEAS research group (Group of Analytical Spectroscopy and Sensors).

The proposal falls within the field of Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, an area of ​​undoubted interest in the field of current Analytical Chemistry, and in which the GEAS group has participated very actively during the last 15 years. providing a large scientific production of quality and high impact in this field.