On December 15, 2021, the Outbiotics conference to disseminate their final results ( https://eventos.unizar.es/go/outbiotics ). This European project has been coordinated by the director of the GEAS group , a research group that has actively participated as a partner in several of its objectives.

Some of the most important conclusions that have been presented during the closing session of the European Outbiotics project confirm the presence of antibiotics in Spanish and French rivers in the border area of ​​POCTEFA. Resistant bacteria have also been detected in 96% of rivers and 100% of sewage treatment plants and collectors. Mainly in the area of ​​influence of livestock farms.

The Outbiotics project, on the other hand, has generated proposals and innovative technologies for the prevention of the use of antibiotics in livestock based on nanomaterials, and new technologies for the elimination and / or reduction of the presence of antibiotics in natural and wastewater.

More information about this conference can be found in the news of the University of Zaragoza , where the event has been organized (link).

Also in the summary document and informative dossier of the day (Download summary + informative dossier: Dossier Outbiotics_R_15Dic21).